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Welcome to Thrifty Traveler – and to the world of cheap travel.

Thrifty Traveler is a go-to resource for millions of travelers looking for the cheapest flights, easy-to-understand guides on using points and miles, and must-read coverage of daily travel and airline news. And it all started back in 2015. 

After years of picking up every tip and trick in the book while traveling for his corporate day job, our founder and CEO Jared Kamrowski launched Thrifty Traveler to show others how they, too, could see the world on a tight budget. Just two short years later, he made this site his full-time job, determined to grow and help more travelers.

And that’s just what happened. Fast forward to the present day, what began as a passion project and one-man show has blossomed into a growing team of 10-plus Thrifty Travelers and counting. 

We’ve leaned into the vision of the original Thrifty Traveler newsletter: Creating a one-stop shop for clear, concise travel guidance. Meanwhile, we’ve called on federal officials to crack down on airlines and urged travelers to watch their carbon footprint when flying – something we do ourselves.

But our mission remains unchanged: to show you that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Through finding flight deals, using credit card points and airline miles, and smart money-saving strategies, almost anyone can get out and see the world. We’re here to help you travel more for less.

Meet our team.

Questions? Email us at help (at) thriftytraveler.com

Media inquiry? Email kyle (at) thriftytraveler.com

The Thrifty Traveler Team

jared kamrowski headshot

Jared Kamrowski

CEO and Founder

Jared is our founder and CEO, and he's not like your average travel entrepreneur. After graduating from college with a mountain of debt, he and his wife wanted to travel – but had to do it on the cheap. Over the years he and Mrs. TT have devised a simple strategy to travel to amazing places – without emptying their bank account. And that's what this site is all about.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by trade, Jared's prior job required him to travel 100 nights a year, which quickly acquainted him with many airline and hotel rewards programs. That led him to create Thrifty Traveler in 2015 as a way to pass on all his tips and tricks. Just two years later, he made Thrifty Traveler his full-time job – and it's only grown since then.

But his goal hasn't changed: Teach you how to find the cheapest flights and minimize travel costs using points and miles. And above all, show you that travel doesn't have to be expensive.

nick serati headshot

Nick Serati


Nick Serati is our co-founder and joined Thrifty Traveler in 2016. Nick traveled extensively for work and became obsessed with points and miles in 2009, piling up more than 5 million points since then from credit cards and maximizing his spending. These miles have afforded him and his wife, Abbey, many trips all over the world.

Nick developed a love for travel at a young age by tagging along with his dad to conventions and meetings all over the United States. When Nick isn't working, he is likely playing golf or planning his next vacation – using points and miles, of course.

Erica joined Thrifty Traveler in 2019 after spending a decade in the wine industry. Her love of travel started at 13 with a trip to France. She studied abroad in Montpellier, France in 2007. Jared and Erica met in 2011 and have been traveling the world together ever since. 

When she’s not traveling, Erica loves cooking, zumba, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

kyle potter headshot

Kyle Potter

Executive Editor

Kyle is our executive editor who joined Thrifty Traveler in 2018. A longtime Thrifty Traveler follower who believes in the power of travel, his goal is to help even the most novice traveler understand the sometimes confusing and complex world of airlines, credit cards, and frequent flyer programs so they can see more of the world for less.

Kyle is a journalist by trade and a native Minnesotan who spends any time he’s not working or traveling with his wife Allie and their corgi, Mikka. His favorite city in the world is Hanoi, Vietnam.

jon shallbetter headshot

Jon Shallbetter

Chief Flight Analyst

Jon is our Chief Flight Analyst who joined Thrifty Traveler in 2019. After living in Australia for a year he traveled throughout SE Asia and quickly became a travel addict. Visiting at least one new country a year became one of his top priorities. His favorite city in the world is Sydney, Australia.

When he is not working he typically spending time with his fiancé Sarah attending concerts, watching sports, or discovering new restaurants and breweries. His goal is to help everyone see the world regardless of their income. 

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Rhea Anabu

Flight Analyst

Rhea joined the Thrifty Traveler team in 2018. She helps find domestic and international flight deals for Thrifty Traveler Premium members.

Rhea is an artist and loves to sing & build miniatures in her free time. She is also a home baker: she enjoys making cakes & pastries.

Gunnar Thrifty Traveler 1 e1627848204790

Gunnar Olson

Editor / Flight Analyst

Gunnar helps readers digest the ever-changing world of flight deals and travel news. He joined Thrifty Traveler in 2021 after years working in local TV news in the Twin Cities.

He honed his cheap travel skills during years of last-minute ski trips chasing snow storms into the mountains. Gunnar’s favorite part of any trip is getting to the highest point and soaking in the view. His favorite places he’s ever been include the Swiss Alps, Vancouver, Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica.

Rae Photo e1627852277546 150x150 1

Rae Noreen Blanco

Flight Analyst Team Lead

Rae is a flight deal analyst and joined Thrifty Traveler in 2021. Her goal is to find cheap domestic and international deals to send to Thrifty Traveler Premium members.

She enjoys baking and cooking for her family. And during her free time, she loves watching travel and food vlogs.

Image from iOS 4

Roxanne Tronco

Member Experience Specialist

Roxanne joined the Thrifty Traveler team as the Customer Support Assistant in 2021. If you've ever reached out to us with a question, it's likely Roxanne has been your point of contact!

She is passionate about spending time outside hiking, camping, scuba diving, and visiting other countries. Her next travel bucket list item? Skydiving!


Sarah Navos

Flight Analyst

Sarah joined Thrifty Traveler in 2022 as a flight deal analyst. Her goal is to help find cheap domestic and international deals. She also assists in finding award space and writing emails to our subscribers.

She loves singing and is very passionate about cooking. During her free time, she loves watching cooking shows, food shows, and travel vlogs. Her dream is to travel the world and experience dining at Michelin starred restaurants.

Peter Thrifty Traveler 13

Peter Thornton

Points & Miles Reporter / Flight Analyst

Peter joined Thrifty Traveler in 2022 after spending over a decade finding cheap flights and covering the airline industry at Airfarewatchdog. His goal is to help others see the world, whether through a cheap flight or navigating the complexities of using points and miles.

He grew up in delightful Duluth, Minnesota but now resides in San Diego, allowing him to frequently visit one of his favorite countries: Mexico. When not working, you’ll find him exploring the great outdoors.

allie johnson

Allie Johnson

Senior Editor

Allie is our senior editor, joining the Thrifty Traveler team in 2022 to edit and write many of the news articles, guides, reviews, and other stories you read here daily.

She got her first real taste of travel while studying abroad in South America, where she traveled extensively throughout Chile, backpacked in Patagonia, and visited Machu Picchu. Today, most of her travels revolve around getting outdoors, from hiking to kayaking to scuba diving.


Have questions about your Thrifty Traveler Premium subscription? Email us at help (at) thriftytraveler.com

Media inquiry? Email kyle (at) thriftytraveler.com


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